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AMC Support Services

Businesses should ensure that they’re functioning with a reliable and approachable AMC support firm to retain their technology and success every time. Crashed servers, wiped out data, crawling networks are all the common issues today. But don’t make your business come to halt from these issues. We can help you with a range of AMC support services that confirm your business remains solid.
It doesn’t matter you have a small scale industry and need assistance or large scale but can't find time; we will organize your systems properly right from the start. We specialize in offering robust IT services and support for businesses as technology is growing and becoming a major feature for running a business. So, it is vital to take care of your systems even after its warranty period has been expired.
Our team of technicians will visit your workplace and ensures everything work. Thus, we can promise zero disruption of services and your IT infrastructure will run 24×7 with negligible downtime. The trained and experienced team members will focus separately on each project and shape a strong relationship with our clientele. You will get optimal business outcomes even after our services.
We constantly monitor the network to recognise and resolve possible issues by top troubleshooting methods. The solutions in affordable cost structure and as per the need of customer makes us always special. We are committed to our work and the list of services includes the following:

Email Migration

Our email migration services permit you to rapidly transfer emails from one mailbox, system, or server to another. As a fully goal-oriented enterprise, our email migration solutions are here to support you receive instant value and decreasing difficulty. If you have a plan to migrate your in-house or hosted email environment, yet stuck somewhere; our flexible email migration solutions will accomplish the needs and economical requirements.
You will meet our team of specialists who achieve the email migration and archive older emails or transfer active messages, calendars, contacts, and task lists for a smooth migration procedure from start to end. Consequently, all your business-critical information gets relocated into a safe and protected environment. Our dedicated support staff will guide you through each phase.

Asset Inventory

Asset management is the responsibility of an organization. We have the ability and knowledge to streamline all features of handling your IT assets, allowing you to concentrate on your business. Our team deals with software and hardware inventory management solutions that are intended to aid you in making perfect choices about your IT procedures.
We bring software management containing software license management, configuration, and compliance with regulatory and legal limitations. The management also includes dealing with all physical tools of computer and computer networks from installation to the final disposal.

Server Management

We have expertise in the field of server management services. It includes performance improvement, upgrades, monitoring, fixes, and support. Then, you can simply focus on the strategies of your business. Our tailored server management plans can do fast and consistent maintenance and service.
Our server management solutions contain monitoring support, backup management, security administration, recovery operations etc. The 24x7 server support delivers complete management of server which works for you just by uniting all the essential tasks for maintaining your businesses online. We have affordable prices which make customers get back service from us.
server management

Server Troubleshooting

You will experience issues like can’t connect to a particular website, no internet connection, cant access mail, and more at some times. A common issue when creating an application in the cloud is receiving the basic connectivity properly. Our simple and flexible server troubleshooting services will assist you to troubleshoot numerous common network, server, and application problems.
Another confusing matter arises when a large number of devices are connected to the network. This will let the connectivity issues to expand. We can accomplish all your needs even in these difficult situations.

Network Installation

We can plan, install, and check your wired, wireless, or hybrid network system. We only promise the things that are practical and keeps running with no downtime. We provide the service within the budget of our customers. If you have an individual product or a whole solution, we have the skill to deliver an on-time, quality service experience.
network management

Network Troubleshooting

When your internet connection gets slower or none of your devices cannot get connected online, there can be an issue on the provider’s side. These are irregular internet connection issues. Besides the system repair, we offer you the network and internet connection troubleshooting services as well.

Server Installation

We offer a wide range of server installation services. Every server is made to accommodate and improve every day practises of your business. You have to depend on your server and the experts who work on it to help the growth of the business. We are committed to our work and it is to support you in the server installation services.

Structured Cabling

We are talented in designing, installing, and supporting the structured cabling solutions for our clientele. It is a typical way of handling a system's connectivity to enable transfers or to make changes on the network and causing zero downtime or disruptions. So we offer expert installation and standard solutions to manage network infrastructure for small and large scale enterprises.
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